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November 9, 2005
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Taurus by paintmepinkshop Taurus by paintmepinkshop
.: Taurus the Bull :.

With sensual Taurus, the Bull, as your star sign, the Sun shone through an earth sign on your birthday. The Sun in astrology stands for your inner nature, the stamp of your true character. The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and desire. A fixed (strong and solid) sign, Taurus governs practicality and security. It is a feminine sign and very magnetic.

Practical, reliable Taureans are great lovers of sensual pleasures, although you do tend to be rather stubborn, possessive and conservative. Firmly anchored in the material world, you have a fine grasp of what is needed in order to lead the good life. Of course, you are capable in emergencies, where you have an instinctive understanding of what to do, but under normal circumstances, no-one can force you into anything without due time for thought and consideration.

.: Tactile and Sensuous :.

Tactile and sensuous, you have a nose for personal comfort and physical pleasure. You are nevertheless quite pragmatic, with a good appreciation for the financial values as well as any aesthetic qualities. Taurus loves nature and natural things, but due to a fondness for comfort and ease, the Bull can be quite lazy. To preserve your health, you need to take some regular exercise and control that tendency to overindulge in rich foods and the other pleasures in life.

Taureans are very strong-willed and often quite creative. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, giving success with matters to do with the public and, combined with the influence of Venus, a passionate nature endowed with a strong sense of loyalty and fidelity. You are kind and generous with friends, with whom you develop an unspoken rapport.

.: Love of Music :.

Taurus rules the throat, giving a powerful, often beautiful voice. The influence of Venus opens up a world of musical talent and appreciation, so Taureans are good singers and musicians, or at least, love music and can be a force on the business side of music.

You also like to potter around the garden, and delight in other outdoor activities: picnics, hikes, trips to botanical gardens or the zoo. You tend to be rather subdued, but you have a fine sense of humour, and enjoy your social life.

.: Strong and Solid :.

Hunky Taurus is physically strong and solidly built. Many of you favour weight lifting or other body-building routines to keep in shape and you enjoy sports requiring strength and endurance. Health issues are often focused on problems to do with the throat and neck, or by polarity with the reproductive organs, the kidneys and so on. Taurus is naturally lazy and tends to overindulge, so a good approach to health and wellbeing would include a well-planned regime of disciplined exercise and diet.

Taurus colours are brown, russet, and turquoise. The beautiful emerald, a rare variety of the mineral beryl and as costly as a diamond, is your birthstone. The emerald's rich green color is quite appropriate too, since it is the color of money, lush countryside and relaxation. Geometrically, the emerald takes the shape of a six-sided crystal and six is the number of love. Flowers for Taurus are the red rose, daisy, lily, and daffodil.

All Taurus Info from [link]
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No, Taurus is Emerald. Diamond is Aries. : )
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